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Orkide Corn Oil 1.8L

MVR 69.00
SKU: I069202

ORKİDE Corn Oil, being an indispensable product for the cuisine for many years, is a special product, featuring a perfect combination of health and taste. ORKİDE, a unique taste from the essence of the nature, combined with its quality and fine texture, is presented as a gift to your taste and health.

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Orkide Sunflower Oil 1.8L

MVR 50.00
SKU: I015199

Produced with crops obtained from the rich soils of our country, ORKİDE Sunflower Oil is meticulously produced at our facilities enriched with the latest technology.

Thanks to the natural antioxidant Vitamin E, , linoleic acid at a rate of 50-60 %, , oleic acid at a rate of 20-30%, which are both unsaturated fatty acids (omega 6 and omega 9, respectively) and are available in its structure, sunflower oil prevents cardiovascular diseases and decreases cholesterol by delaying cell degeneration, and stimulating cell regeneration.