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Ice Marker Model: ZB-14

MVR 5,390.00
SKU: I073056

Model: ZB-14

Power: 0.13kw

Voltage: 220V

Daily Production:13kg/24h

Big Capacity:1.8kg

Net Weight:13.5kg

Dimension: 305x380x380mm

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Water Boiler Model: WE-25

MVR 1,890.00
SKU: I073051

Voltage: 220V
Power: 2kw
Frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 25L
Net Weight: 4.2kg
Dimensions: 315x490mm

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Blender Model : BL-156

MVR 4,990.00
SKU: I073058

Power : 1.8kW

Voltage: 220V

Production : 2L

Speed : 25000

Net Weight : 9.23kg

Dimension: 300x295x565mm


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Ice Marker Model: ZB-15

MVR 5,890.00 MVR 5,490.00
SKU: I073055

Model: ZB-15

Power: 0.15kw

Voltage: 220V

Daily Production: 15kg/24h

Big Capacity: 1.8kg

Net Weight:19kg

Dimension: 364x420x414mm