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Electric Pizza Oven (2-Player)

MVR 24,290.00
SKU: I073038

Model: LR-DBS-2

Power: 14.4kw

Voltage: 380V


Net Weight:104kg

Temperature Range:0~400℃

Chamber Size: 610x610x140mm

Dimensions: 910x820x750mm

Glen Electric Tandoor GL 5014

MVR 950.00
SKU: I075150

The Glen 5014 Electric Tandoor is made of high quality stainless steel for long lasting life. It allows healthy cooking similar to traditional clay tandoors. For effective cooking of different delicacies, three heat selections are provided. The energy efficient heating elements helps in making the food crisp while retaining the flavors and juices of foods. The see through window allows better view of the foods being cooked inside.

  • Modern elegant looks
  • Healthy cooking like traditional clay tandoor
  • See through window
  • Energy efficient heating elements
  • Matt finish Stainless Steel body
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Electric Convection Oven

MVR 14,790.00
SKU: I073037

Voltage:  220V

Power :2.67kW

Temperature: 50~300℃

Tray Size: 4x454x327mm

Net Weight: 41kg

Dimensions: 595x530x570mm

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Electric Convection Oven Model: YXD-8A

MVR 17,290.00
SKU: I073036

Model: YXD-8A

With Spray Function

Power: 6.4kw

Voltage: 220V

Temperature Range: 50~300℃

Tray Size: 600x400x35mm

Chamber Size: 700x360x460mm

Net Weight: 67kg

Dimensions: 834x765x572mm

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Pizza Oven (Mini Deck Oven)

MVR 4,690.00
SKU: I073039

Model: LR-EP-1

Two-layers Two-trays

Power: 3kW

Voltage: 220V

Net Weight: 28kg

Temperature: 0~300℃

Tray Size: 415x430mm

Chamber Size: 415x430x120mm

Dimensions: 560x520x450mm

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Electric Fryer Model: LR-EF-102H

MVR 5,290.00
SKU: I073046

Model: LR-EF-102H

Power: 3x2kw

Voltage: 220V

Capacity: 10Lx2

Temperature: 30-180°C

Net weight: 13kg

Dimensions: 560x465x310mm