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HOCO BS48 Artistic sports BT speaker

MVR 290.00
SKU: I084149

1. Sizes: 184*80*80mm. Weight: 488g.
2. BT v5.1. Chip: JLAC6928B.
3. Battery capacity: 1200mAh, charging for about 2 hours.
4. Use time: 2 hours.
5. Speaker unit: 52mm*2. Power: 5W*2.
6. Support BT, FM, TF card, USB and other modes.
7. Built-in colorful lights.

Hoco Karaoke Microphone BT-5.0 Model: BK5

MVR 340.00
SKU: I080743

1. Material: ABS.
2. Sizes: 79*79*270mm. Weight: 412g.
3. Speaker: 57mm, power 5W.
4. BT V5.0, chip: JL.
5. Battery capacity: 1200mAh. 3 hours of charging, 6 hours of music time.
6. Wireless connection: microphone can be connected to mobile phone via BT.
7. Support TF card/USB flash drive playback (32Gb max). The original singer/accompaniment one-key switch. Magic sound function, multiple voice change modes.

HOCO Wireless receiver E53 Dawn sound in-car AUX

MVR 250.00
SKU: I084208

1. BT specification: BT V5.0 JL.
2. Transmission range: 10 meters.
4. Charging voltage: DC 5V. Charging time: about 2 hours.
5. Calls / music time: 10 hours.
6. Standby time: more than 200 hours.
7. Output interface: 3.5mm.
8. 145mAh A grade polymer battery.
9. Sizes: 50 * 48 * 11.5mm, weight: 12.6g.

HOCO Wireless speaker BS31 Bright sound portable loudspeaker

MVR 250.00
SKU: I084205

1. Speaker: 53mm.
2. Size: 86*86*44mm, weight: 140g.
3. Wireless V4.2 JL.
4. Supporting protocols A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP.
5. Support Wireless, TF card, AUX mode play.
6. Charging voltage DC5V, charging time: about 2 hours.
7. Call / music time: about 3 hours.
8. Class A polymer battery: 500mAh.

HOCO Wireless speaker HC6 Magic sports portable loudspeaker

MVR 430.00
SKU: I084174

1. Sizes: 260*88*88mm. Weight: 775g.
2. BT v5.0. Chip: Blue trum.
3. Battery capacity: 4000mAh, charging for about 4 hours.
4. Talk / music time: 6 hours.
5. Speaker unit: 66mm * 2. Power 10W * 2.
6. Support BT, FM, TF card, USB flash drive, AUX, TWS and other playback modes.

HOCO Wireless speaker HC9 Dazzling pulse sports portable loudspeaker

MVR 265.00
SKU: I084148

1. Sizes: 196*74*74mm. Weight: 487g
2. BT v5.1. Chip: JL AC6965E.
3. Battery capacity: 1800mAh, charging for about 3 hours.
4. Talk / music: 5 hours.
5. Speaker unit: 52mm * 2. Power: 5W * 2.
6. Support BT, TF card, USB flash drive, AUX, TWS and other playback modes.
7. Built-in colorful ambient light.

HOCO BS37 Dancer outdoor wireless speaker

MVR 495.00
SKU: I084193

1. Speaker: 8 inches 2Ω15W.
2. Battery: 1800mAh, A grade, 18650.
3. BT specification: BT V5.0 Zhongke Blue Flood.
4. Function: support BT playback / BT TWS connection, FM, USB, AUX playback mode, support wired microphone input. Support independent switch of colored lights.
5. Charging voltage: DC 5V, charging time is about 2.5 hours.
6. Music time: about 3 hours (at 80% volume playback).
7. Sizes: 592*510*388mm. Weight: 1.9kg.

Hoco BS41 Plus double mic karaoke BT speaker

MVR 1,500.00
SKU: I080738

1. Size: 220*120*180mm; weight: 1.9kg
2. Bluetooth 5.0; Chip: Mountain View DSP
3. Battery capacity: 4800mAh, charging for about 5 hours
4. Music time: 8 hours; talk time: 12 hours
5. Speaker: 5.25 inch full range speaker + 1.5 inch tweeter; power: 15W
6. Support Bluetooth, TF card, USB, AUX and other modes
7. Two wireless microphones are standard
8. Support dual wireless microphones + one wired microphone input

HOCO BS49 Desktop Wireless Speaker

MVR 445.00
SKU: I084130

1. Bluetooth 5.1, chip: JL AC6966B
2. Battery capacity: 1800mAh
3. Charging time: about 2 hours
4. Music time: 2.5 hours
5. Speaker unit: 52mmx2, power: 5Wx2
6. Support BT, FM, TF card, U disk, AUX, TWS and other modes
7. Size: 400x67x67mm
8. Weight: 735g

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MVR 2,100.00
SKU: I084033

Features and Benefits
-High vocal quality and JBL Original Pro Sound
The crystal clear clarity from the JBL wireless mics means no jamming, delay or distortion.
Your voice will sound on point, with the backing of incredible JBL Original Pro Sound.

-Rechargeable UHF dual channel wireless receiver
There’s no need to fly solo, unless you want to take center stage of course. Connect two
wireless microphones together and hear both voices blended perfectly through the speaker for
up to 6 hours of playtime.

-Plug and play
When you want to be heard, you want to be heard now. The JBL wireless mics have a super
simple setup. Just turn on the receiver and wireless microphone and you’re good to go instantly.

-Microphones come with replaceable AA batteries
JBL wireless mics come with easy replaceable AA batteries, so get your groove on all night long.

-Best performance with JBL PartyBox speakers
Use JBL wireless mics on a speaker with a mic input, but for the best experience, add-on to any
of the JBL PartyBox speakers.