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Electric Pizza Oven (2-Player)

MVR 24,290.00
SKU: I073038

Model: LR-DBS-2

Power: 14.4kw

Voltage: 380V


Net Weight:104kg

Temperature Range:0~400℃

Chamber Size: 610x610x140mm

Dimensions: 910x820x750mm

Contact Grill

MVR 11,590.00
SKU: I073043

Model: LR-FG-2

Power: 3.2kw

Voltage: 220V

Glass Size: 250x250mm

Temperature: 50-300℃

Net Weight: 20kg

Dimensions: 700x480x170m


Electric Contact Grill

MVR 4,790.00
SKU: I073044

Model: LR-813(CE)

Power: 1.8x2kw

Voltage: 220V

Temperature: 50-300°C

Net weight: 28kg

Dimensions: 565x370x190mm


Food Mixer LR-FM-7

MVR 6,790.00 MVR 6,190.00
SKU: I073029

220V ,50HZ,0.35kw

Capacity: 7L

Frency Speed: 150-1020r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 0.5-0.7kg

Net Weight: 26kg

Dimensions: 410x250x425mm

Painting: White


Glen Electric Tandoor GL 5014

MVR 950.00
SKU: I075150

The Glen 5014 Electric Tandoor is made of high quality stainless steel for long lasting life. It allows healthy cooking similar to traditional clay tandoors. For effective cooking of different delicacies, three heat selections are provided. The energy efficient heating elements helps in making the food crisp while retaining the flavors and juices of foods. The see through window allows better view of the foods being cooked inside.

  • Modern elegant looks
  • Healthy cooking like traditional clay tandoor
  • See through window
  • Energy efficient heating elements
  • Matt finish Stainless Steel body

Manual Gas Griddle

MVR 5,590.00 MVR 5,290.00
SKU: I073047

Model: LR-EG-16S

Description: 16″size

Gas Pressure: 2800Pa

Power: 31.6MJ/h

Net weight: 41kg

Dimensions: 404x640x390mm

Potato Peeler Machine PP-8C

MVR 9,590.00
SKU: I073034
  • This heavy duty stainless steel potato peeler was built for speed and durability, making it a powerful ally in situations in which potato peeling is a priority.
  • The potato peeler comes with unyielding non slip rubber feet so iy remains steadfast during high intensity potato peeling sessions.
  • The structure is built to be durable with quality grade stainless steel making it ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and other commercial environments.
  • This machine makes quick work of potato’s, with an average 8kg peeling time of only 2-3 minutes.
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Electric Convection Oven

MVR 14,790.00
SKU: I073037

Voltage:  220V

Power :2.67kW

Temperature: 50~300℃

Tray Size: 4x454x327mm

Net Weight: 41kg

Dimensions: 595x530x570mm

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Electric Convection Oven Model: YXD-8A

MVR 17,290.00
SKU: I073036

Model: YXD-8A

With Spray Function

Power: 6.4kw

Voltage: 220V

Temperature Range: 50~300℃

Tray Size: 600x400x35mm

Chamber Size: 700x360x460mm

Net Weight: 67kg

Dimensions: 834x765x572mm

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Pizza Oven (Mini Deck Oven)

MVR 4,690.00
SKU: I073039

Model: LR-EP-1

Two-layers Two-trays

Power: 3kW

Voltage: 220V

Net Weight: 28kg

Temperature: 0~300℃

Tray Size: 415x430mm

Chamber Size: 415x430x120mm

Dimensions: 560x520x450mm

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Nikai Food Factory NFP555LDN

MVR 3,100.00
SKU: I038263

Whisk material: Stainless steel. Pulse function.

Speed Settings: 6. Pasta making function. 6 litre bowl capacity.

Power: 1200 W. Compact size offers perfect fit at any corner of the kitchen.

Multi Function Food Factory

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Water Boiler Model: WE-15

MVR 1,690.00
SKU: I073050

Voltage: 220V
Power: 2kw
Frequency: 50Hz
Net Weight: 3.9kg
Dimensions: 245x495mm

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Water Boiler Model: WE-25

MVR 1,890.00
SKU: I073051

Voltage: 220V
Power: 2kw
Frequency: 50Hz
Capacity: 25L
Net Weight: 4.2kg
Dimensions: 315x490mm

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Blender Model : BL-156

MVR 4,990.00
SKU: I073058

Power : 1.8kW

Voltage: 220V

Production : 2L

Speed : 25000

Net Weight : 9.23kg

Dimension: 300x295x565mm


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Food Mixer 15L

MVR 11,990.00
SKU: I073031


Capacity: 15L

Model : B15

Speed: 67/189/362r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 3kg

Net Weight: 90kg

Dimensions: 540x415x740mm

Painting: Silver gray

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Food Mixer LR-FM-5

MVR 5,990.00 MVR 5,490.00
SKU: I073028

220V ,50HZ,0.3kw

Capacity: 5L

Frency Speed: 150-1020r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 0.5-0.7kg

Net Weight: 25kg

Dimensions: 370x230x410mm

Painting: White

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Food Warmer Showcase Model: LR-WS-90(CE)

MVR 5,490.00
SKU: I073053
  • The tiers are also adjustable, allowing you to customize the interior to the full extent of your needs.
  • Top and shelf lights illuminate products for enhanced merchandising.
  • Sliding glass door for easy service.
  • It has a pan for small portion of water to keep the food not only warm but also moist and prevent it drying out.
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Juice Dispenser Machine Model : MC9X3

MVR 10,790.00
SKU: I073059
  • Dispenser of juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea and any type of drink. Ideal for hotels, bars, restaurants, hotels, companies, kitchens, etc.
  • Beverage supplier with cold and heat system. Cold temperature: 7 to 12 ° C. Heat temperature: 52 to 58 ° C. Allows to offer cold drinks and hot.
  • Motorized mixing system. An inner shovel rotates constantly to mix the drink, thus maintaining all its properties.
  • Model with heating and cooling system, with three 9-liter containers.
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Electric Fryer Model: LR-EF-101H

MVR 2,790.00 MVR 2,490.00
SKU: I073045

Model: LR-EF-101H

Power: 3kw

Voltage: 220V


Temperature: 30-180°C

Net Weight: 6.5kg

Dimensions: 280x465x310mm

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Electric Fryer Model: LR-EF-102H

MVR 5,290.00
SKU: I073046

Model: LR-EF-102H

Power: 3x2kw

Voltage: 220V

Capacity: 10Lx2

Temperature: 30-180°C

Net weight: 13kg

Dimensions: 560x465x310mm