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Liao Tornado Mop T130026

MVR 525.00
SKU: I071632
3-Way Drive
Underfoot drive
 High-speed wring out
Hand-pressure drive(in basket)
High-speed wring out
Hand-pressure drive(on axis)
Automatic washing function
*123cm 3-sectionStainless steel handle
Stainless steel basket.
Cleaning fluid bottle

Liao Tornado Mop T130029

MVR 465.00
SKU: I071633

Two way drive
123cm 3-section Stainless steel handle
Product size:48*29*25cm
Stainless metal basket
Movable wheel design
Volume 8L / 2pcs refill inside

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Kleaner Cleaning Expert Tornada & Mop GST002

MVR 399.00
SKU: I071629
-Two way drive
-118cm  2-section Stainless steel  handle-Product size:46*27*23cm
-Stainless metal basket.
-Movable wheel design
-Volume 8L / 2pcs refill inside