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Food Mixer LR-FM-7

MVR 6,190.00
SKU: I073029

220V ,50HZ,0.35kw

Capacity: 7L

Frency Speed: 150-1020r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 0.5-0.7kg

Net Weight: 26kg

Dimensions: 410x250x425mm

Painting: White


PopCorn Machine Model: 802

MVR 4,500.00
SKU: I073048
  • Bowl easy installation, easy uninstallation, and easy cleaning
  • Four side made of heat-resisting common glass, omni-directional display the production process of the popcorn, safe and hygiene
  • Motor blending, constant temperature heating, operation simple, convenient, and safe
  • Apply inner penetration of light, get better demonstration effect.

Potato Peeler Machine PP-8C

MVR 9,590.00
SKU: I073034
  • This heavy duty stainless steel potato peeler was built for speed and durability, making it a powerful ally in situations in which potato peeling is a priority.
  • The potato peeler comes with unyielding non slip rubber feet so iy remains steadfast during high intensity potato peeling sessions.
  • The structure is built to be durable with quality grade stainless steel making it ideal for use in restaurants, hotels and other commercial environments.
  • This machine makes quick work of potato’s, with an average 8kg peeling time of only 2-3 minutes.
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Food Mixer 15L

MVR 11,990.00
SKU: I073031


Capacity: 15L

Model : B15

Speed: 67/189/362r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 3kg

Net Weight: 90kg

Dimensions: 540x415x740mm

Painting: Silver gray

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Food Mixer 25L

MVR 16,690.00
SKU: I073032


Capacity: 25L

Model : B25

Speed: 113/168/386 r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 8kg

Net Weight:130kg

Dimensions: 580x450x820mm

Painting: Silver gray

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Food Mixer LR-FM-5

MVR 5,490.00
SKU: I073028

220V ,50HZ,0.3kw

Capacity: 5L

Frency Speed: 150-1020r/min

Maxing Kneading Capacity: 0.5-0.7kg

Net Weight: 25kg

Dimensions: 370x230x410mm

Painting: White

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JG Bone Saw (Chicken Cutting Machine)

MVR 9,990.00
SKU: I073033
  • Ideal for cutting fresh meat or frozen meat, bones, fish etc in buther shops, clubs, hotels and restaurants.
  • High in efficiency and low in energy consumption
  • The whole body is made of aluminum, and the parts in touch with food are made of  high quality stainless steel.
  • Easy operated and easy to clean.