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Logitech H111 Stereo Headset w mic

MVR 390.00
SKU: I076289

Multi-Device Headset: The perfect business headset for voice calls, Skype, webinars and more. The 7.71 ft (235cm) cable is just the right length to give you the freedom to stand up and stretch during long conversations. Stereo Sound: Enjoy clear audio for music, games and calls.

An Affordable Headset For All Your Devices: The simple way to start talking when using computers, smartphones and tablets. Features a standard 3.5mm audio jack and is compatible with most operating systems and platforms. Get just what you need to hear and be heard clearly.

Stereo Sound: Enjoy clear audio for music, games and calls. A reliable headset for daily tasks including video calls with family or colleagues.

Rotating Microphone: Boom can rotate 180° to be worn on the left or right. Flexible mic can be positioned for better voice capture and background noise reduction. Boom can be tucked out of the way when you’re not using it.

Adjustable Headband: Sturdy yet lightweight stereo headset has a broad range of adjustment. Ultra-soft foam ear cushions provide hours of comfort.

3.5MM Audio Jack Connection: Simply plug the 3.5mm jack into your computer, smartphone or tablet and you’re ready to talk.



SADES SA-701 Tpower Gaming Headset

MVR 375.00
SKU: I058715

The TPOWER is a super lightweight headset with flexible microphone and 40mm speaker. The ergonomic oval shape earcup and soft leather ear muffs make it comfortable to wear. It is applicable to PC.

SADES SA-702 Element Multi-Platform Gaming Headset

MVR 520.00
SKU: I068615

Element is a durable designed headset with 40mm stereo speakers for brilliant basses, stepless headband adjustment, flexible microphone, soft earmuffs and an only 220 grams weight for comfortable wearing, and cool lights on the ear cups.

SADES SA-706S Xpower Plus Gaming Headset

MVR 795.00
SKU: I058722

Xpower Plus is an upgraded gaming headset based on Xpower, adding vibration function and comfortable earmuffs to enhance gaming experience. Plating decorations on suspension headset and LED light on earcups make it sleek and cool. It is applicable to PC and laptop.

SADES SA-904 Locust Plus Gaming Headset

MVR 820.00
SKU: I058723

The Locust Plus is upgraded based on Locust, adding features of virtual 7.1 surround sound and RGB light on earcups. Indicator light on Microphone and multifunctional in-line remote are also adopted to enhance gameplay.

SADES SA-907Pro Knight Pro Gaming Headset – USB

MVR 1,950.00
SKU: I058727

KNIGHT PRO is a professional gaming headset with high performance audio engine provided by BONGIOVI ACOUSTICS. It is designed with 2 gaming audio modes (single player and multiplayer mode), excellent noise-cancelling microphone, comfortable memory foam padded earmuffs and durable stainless steel headrail.

SADES SA-916 Diablo Gaming Headset

MVR 1,190.00
SKU: I058726

Diablo is a stylish gaming headset with solid performance. Tuned by Realtek and SADES, Diablo is delivering vivid Realtek Gaming Audio. Subtle exterior design is matched with eye-catching RGB LED. The lightweight headset is equipped with suspension headband, convenient control, and a retractable omnidirectional microphone which can bend at all angles.

SADES SA-918 Armor Gaming Headset

MVR 1,100.00
SKU: I068619

SADES Armor is a fully-packed lightweight headset equipped with High Definition Realtek gaming audio, rich RGB lighting effects, a flexible microphone and the big leather earmuffs provide an extreme noise-cancellation function.

SADES SA-923 Hammer Gaming Headset

MVR 870.00
SKU: I058725

HAMMER is a PC gaming headset with 50mm powerful bass speaker with virtual 7.1 surround sound. The multifunctional in-line controller and flexible microphone are convenient to operate. HAMMER is applicable to PC and Laptop.

SADES SA-717 FPower Multi-Platform Headset

MVR 650.00
SKU: I068617

Multi-platform gaming headset equipped with a large diameter 2.0 inches (50 mm) driver, powerful stereo sound makes gaming play more immersive. In addition to connecting to a computer, the L-shaped 3.5mm plug is highly compatible with all home gaming devices, controllers, mobile devices, VR devices, and more so on, no matter what the game platform. In addition, the microphone part can be removed, so you can use it as a headphone other than when playing games.

  • Stainless Steel Slider Headband
  • Skin-friendly memory sponge earmuffs
  • Detachable and Flexible Microphone
  • Net weight: 265g



MVR 640.00
SKU: I076035


VIRTUAL 7.1 SURROUND SOUND: Powered by 50mm speakers to deliver the rich 7.1 audio with precision and clarity.
CONVENIENCE WITH BUTTONS DESIGN: Volume control and Mic mute button are conveniently located within reach on the earcup.
EXTENDED COMFORT: An ellipse shape earcup design maximizes ear space for improved comfort and acoustics. Weighing only 260 grams.
NOISE REDUCTION MIC: Let your teammates hear you clearly by the enhanced Xear software with Noise Reduction function.


SADES SA-914 Wand Gaming Headset Blue – USB PC gaming Headset Virtual 7.1- LED Lighting

MVR 650.00
SKU: I073788


  • BUILT-IN LED LIGHTING, The Wand’s cool blue LED illumination options include a breathing and a static effect. Match it with your gaming mood and switch effects via the in-line control.
  • EASY IN-LINE CONTROLS, The SADES Wand enables you to easily manage your mic, lighting, volume and incoming calls via its in-line controller. You can also simply toggle via the controller its two audio modes: Stereo and Surround depending on your audio requirement.
  • MAGICAL WAND-LIKE DESIGN, The Wand’s oval earcups with its magical wand-like design could easily satisfy the aesthetics requirement of the mage gamer in you.
  • CONVENIENT SWIVEL-TO-MUTE MICROPHONE, Muting is made easy with the Wand – just swivel the mic up or down and easily talk whenever you feel the need to communicate with your teammates.
  • DRIVER-FREE MEANS HASSLE FREE, Simply plug the headset in to your PC and the Wand will do the rest. No need to download and install any driver.


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SADES SA-708 Gpower Gaming Headset

MVR 490.00
SKU: I058716

The GPOWER delivers stereo sound with 40mm speaker. It is with the foldable and omnidirectional microphone for picking up voice clearly. The GPOWER is applicable to PC.

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SADES SA-716 Cpower Multi-Platform Headset

MVR 520.00
SKU: I068614

CPOWER is a multi-platform headset weight only at 200 grams, swivel-to-mute Mic for easy operation. Adjustable headband with comfortable earmuffs for long gaming sessions.

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SADES SA-722S Snowwolf Gaming Headset – Multi-Platform

MVR 585.00
SKU: I059150

Snowwolf is a multi-platform gaming headset with stereo sound. It is applicable to PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox One (2015 Version), Nintendo Switch,VR and the majority of mobile devices.The detachable and flexible microphone picks up your voice clearly. Volume adjustment and microphone mute are on the left earcup for convenient control. The complimentary coral fleece earmuff covers keep your ears warm.

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SADES SA-739 Bpower Gaming Headset

MVR 520.00
SKU: I058717

BPOWER is a video gaming headset with flexible microphone to pick up voice clearly. It is applicable to Laptop / PC / XBOX ONE ( 2015 Version ) / PS4 / Mobile Devices.

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SADES SA-901 Wolfang Gaming Headset

MVR 640.00
SKU: I058719

WOLFANG delivers virtual 7.1 surround sound with 40mm speaker. The foldable microphone is quickly to hide when you are not in-game. It is compatible to PC and Laptop.

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SADES SA-910 Spellond Pro Gaming Headset

MVR 1,250.00
SKU: I066274

Spellond Pro is a professional gaming headset with high performance audio engine provided by BONGIOVI ACOUSTICS. It is designed with 2 gaming audio modes (single player and multiplayer mode), high-quality MEMS microphone, special custom designed SADES ear cushion and durable stainless steel head rail. The vibration function of Spellond Pro provides the stronger bass effect.

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SADES SA-721 SPIRITS Multi-Platform Gaming Headset – WHITE

MVR 530.00
SKU: I076034

Spirits is designed for PS4™ Pro & PS4™ controllers with a 3.5mm jack and also compatible with Xbox One™ & Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch™, Mac® and mobile & VR devices. The conversion cable with dual 3.5mm audio &a mic jacks is for connecting to PC.

  • Spirits could be controlled conveniently via adjusting volume wheel and microphone button on left ear cup.
  • Spirits is a lightweight headset equipped with adjustable headband, as well as soft skin-friendly leather ear muffs, making it superb comfortable to wear.
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SADES SA-722 Dpower Gaming Headset BLACK/BLUE

MVR 585.00
SKU: I058718
  •  Durable Headband: With the steel extensible arm, the headband is durable and easy to adjust.
  •  Comfortable Ear Muffs: The ear muffs are padded with skin-friendly leather, which feels extremely soft.
  •  Flexible Microphone: With the flexible and omnidirectional microphone, your voice is always picked up with clarity.
  • On-headset Microphone Mute Controller: The microphone mute button on left ear cup for convenient controlling.