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Xiaomi YI dome X Smart Motion Camera 1080p White Global

MVR 1,800.00
SKU: I076951

YI Home App for PC and Mac.

The YI Home App lets you view seamlessly live and cloud footage from all your YI Cameras. Your motion or sound detected clips appear in chronological order. Up to 9 cameras can be viewed on one screen at the same time.

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Anker EUFYCAM 2 Pro

MVR 6,900.00
SKU: I076929

eufyCam 2 Pro Wireless Home Security Camera System, 365-Day Battery Life, HomeKit Compatibility, 2K Resolution, IP67 Weatherproof, Night Vision, 2-Cam Kit.

  • 2K Resolution: When it comes to security, the key is in the detail. See exactly what is happening in and around your home in crisp 2K clarity.
  • A Year’s Security from 1 Charge: Avoid frequent trips to charge the battery and enjoy 365-day battery life from just one charge.
  • Zero Hidden Costs: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufyCam 2 Pro is a one-time purchase that combines security with convenience.
  • Advanced Night Vision: The F2.0 aperture lens and high photosensitivity sensor allow for more light to be captured and for the total surface area monitored to be increased. The end result is superior image quality for your nighttime recordings.
  • Ready for Any Weather: With an IP67 weatherproof-rating, eufyCam 2 Pro is built to withstand the elements.

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Anker Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt

MVR 1,900.00
SKU: I076930
  • Knows Who’s There: The on-device AI instantly determines whether a human or pet is present within the camera’s view.
  • The Key is in the Detail: View every event in crisp 2K clarity so you see exactly what is happening inside your home.
  • Smart Integration: Connect your Indoor Cam to Apple HomeKit, the Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance.(HomeKit available via update. When opening HomeKit, users must add the device in the eufy Security app and then complete the activation process.)
  • Follows the Action: When motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object.


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Xiaomi Mi 360 Home security Camera 2K Pro Global

MVR 1,250.00
SKU: I075411

2K super clear image quality

Key Features:

  • High resolution 2K resolution provides more natural images. 360 degree vision
  • The dual microphone for two-way audio provides an HD calling experience
  • AI face detection is easy to identify your family and friends