Sonoff Wi-Fi Smart Switch No:TH16

MVR 280.00

TH10/TH16 Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Working with the Si7021 sensor and DS18B20 waterproof sensor to set monitor temperature and humidity

Control Your Home with Voice

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to offer you a voice-control home. Ask it and it will perform

Monitor Temperature & Humidity

TConnecting the Si7021 sensor or DS18B20 waterproof sensor with the switch, which you can use it in any corner of your house to monitor ambient temperature and humidity in real time

Preset Time for Appliances

The switch can turn on and off devices thanks to a programmable timer. Imagine that your coffee maker will already be pre-heated and ready to go when you enter your kitchen in the morning

No Worries for Overcharge

Schedule a time for devices to ensure stop charging automatically after charged to 100%, keeping devices safe and avoid aging faster.

Extra Functionality

Aside from the above, sync status and share control are all available. Show the status of on/off for appliances on your phone; share it with your family to easily control together


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